4. Briefly explain the Law of Detachment. Write a statement that is concluded using the Law of Detachment forthe following statements.If Jillian gets a raise, then she will buy a new car. Jillian got a raise.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:See below.Step-by-step explanation:The law of detachment says that, given to facts A and B:if A ---> B (this is, if that fact that A happens make that B happens) and A is true (This is, A happens), so B will happen. In this case let A be "Jillian gets a rise" and B "Jillian buys a car". A ---> B  means what the statement says "If Jillian gets a raise, then she will buy a new car". Here, the law of Detachment implies that if A happens, i.e., if Jillian gets a rise she would surely buy a new car. As she got her rise (the last sentence on the statement) so she WILL buy a new car.You have to keep in mind that we can not make inference in the contrary sense. If you observe that Jillian bought a new car you can not say that she got a rise. The inverse sense does not work here, it is only in one direction, from A to B.