Solve for x: 2/5 (x βˆ’ 2) = 4x. (1 point) I don't understand what to do for this problem. Can someone help??

Accepted Solution

Answer:-2/9 =xStep-by-step explanation:2/5 (x βˆ’ 2) = 4xMultiply each side by 5/2I do this because we want to get rid of the fraction in the denominator. Β I also know that the right side has a 4 in the numerator so, the 2 in the denominator that we are multiplying by will cancel.5/2 *2/5 (x βˆ’ 2) = 4x*5/2x-2 = 20/2 xx-2 = 10xSubtract x from each sidex-2 -x = 10 -x-2 = 9xDivide each side by 9-2/9 =9x/9-2/9 =x