The table below shows the energy of a 10 kg ball as a function of velocity. How much energy will the ball have at 10 m/s?(0,0)(2,24)(3,54)(6,216)(10,e)

Accepted Solution

Answer:The ball will have 600 J of energy at 10 m/s.Step-by-step explanation:The energy possessed by a body is proportional to the square of its velocity.So, Energy, [tex]E[/tex] can be expressed as:[tex]E=kv^2\\Where\ k\rightarrow \textrm{constant of proportionality},v\rightarrow \textrm{velocity}[/tex]To find the value of [tex]k[/tex], let us use the point (2,24). Therefore,[tex]24=k\times 2^2\\24=4k\\k=\frac{24}{4}=6[/tex]So, the general formula to find the energy is given as:[tex]E=6\times v^2\\[/tex]Now, for velocity equal to 10 m/s, energy is given as:[tex]E=6\times 10^2=6\times 100=600\ J[/tex]Therefore, the ball will have 600 J of energy at 10 m/s.